An Exclusive Wine & Food Experience

We always aim for top quality food and beverages. Our desire is to take you on a culinary journey with food and drink from an area that wishes nothing more than to see that you enjoy the best of the best, and which will give long-term impressions, placing us on the gastronomic map.

As far as possible we choose ingredients that are locally sourced. We prepare healthy vegetables grown in local soil and sometimes from other parts of Sweden. You’ll notice that the menu at Grythyttan changes according to the seasons. But regardless of the time of year or dish, we always season with love.

Grythyttan already has a strong food and wine profile which we wish to enhance even more, so that the complete culinary experience is combined with the environment in which meals are enjoyed. This is more essential than the individual ingredients in a dish. We take no shortcuts. Only the best raw ingredients are used in newly created and traditional dishes likewise and which we beautifully present and serve.

Welcome to the Spendrup family’s Wine Kitchen!


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